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Newstead IMP

Newstead is a Dubai based organization established by a team of professors with the aim of moulding future leaders in the field of education. At Newstead Management Training Centre we strive to empower learners with quality education and prolific skill development. Newstead Management Training Center is a KHDA licensed institution established as a Management Lab approved by Knowledge Village Creative Clusters Authority, Ministry of Education, Dubai.

Our Philosophy

Newstead believes in learning through interaction, rather than theoretical study. Our management, training, internship and many different programmes aims to develop professionals than not only excel in academics but also in professional behaviour and ethics. As in the 21 st century, social responsibility is a key skill for any community and society to bloom.

Newstead's Principle

We believe in quality over quantity, and empower learners with quality education and prolific skill development. We encourage developing better communication skill between disciples and faculty. Active learning sessions with prompt feedback and high degree of effectiveness and precision are conducted at our institute. As an excellent moulders of future leader, we strive to enable learning not only through academics but also with a variety of programmes.

Key Of Success

We, as an institution, believe in being persistent no matter how difficult the times are. We always refine your skills all the time, help you learn new things daily, help you take difficult decisions at stressful time and the most important skill for success is to have a positive attitude and strong will power.

Special Campus Tour

Campus tours are designed for potential graduate and professional students. In the tour, you will see how the university is built to facilitate learning, atmosphere around the campus, facilities for students, infrastructure, teaching faculties. Meeting with graduate admission representative to learn more about our graduate programs and decide what’s best for you. Campus tours permits you to know the in and out of the university and health, hygiene, safety and security, dining, sports and art and culture facilities provided by them.


Certification provides a chance to follow a special field of interest that carefully foils your department application. They provide in-depth study of the subject so you can get the most up to date skills and material you need to outshine in your field of excellence. Certification provides you a base for your future quality education and prolific skill development. It helps in showing the world what you are capable of and what your field of expertise are.